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The “International Academy of Philosophy” (IAP) is an academic academy that specializes in philosophical studies in the context of European higher education. Its central head office is located in Lichtenstein and it is managed by a non-profit organization whose President is Prince Nikolaus von Liechtenstein.

The Institute of Philosophy “Edith Stein” (IFES), founded on 9th August 2005, acts as the Granada campus of the IAP due to an agreement with the IAP Senate, of July 2009. IFES belongs to the Archdiocese of Granada.

The IFES offers studies in philosophy at different courses with different curricula, including the preparation for admission to the IAP doctoral program at the campus in Liechtenstein and according to the laws of that country.

The IAP has a permanent faculty of high quality professors, guest professors and friends who frequently teach at their campuses. Notable among them is the renowned phenomenologist Professor Josef Seifert, as well as figures such as Peter McCormick, Czesław Porębski, Martin Cajthmal, Adrian Walker, John Crosby, John Finnis, Peter Geach, Mátyás Szalay, among others. In Spain, besides the collaboration of professors such as Juan Miguel Palacios and Rogelio Rovira, the permanent teaching professors of the IAP include Professor Seifert, Feliciana Merino, Mátyás Szalay and Marcelo L. Cambronero.


Our method of research and teaching is distinctive in the following ways:

1.-  The teaching program is bilingual, Spanish-English. 

2.-  Each year courses are prepared bearing in mind the interests of the students who participate in the program of studies, inviting the best worldwide scholars to offer lectures in their areas of specialty.

3.-  We offer a personalized teaching approach. Philosophy is neither a body of doctrine nor is it limited to the history of ideas, it is a rigorous and precise knowledge directed to the comprehension of reality. Our aim, therefore, is to aid the student in an encounter with reality experienced as personal path in which the student is accompanied by the teacher.

4.-  Each incoming student is assigned a director, holding fortnightly meetings.

5.-  Students must prepare themselves for the elaboration of their own texts as well as for their defense and discussion during specific seminars in which all students and professors participate.

Our institution is largely supported by the generous donations of interested people, committed to the study of philosophy, who consider that the study thereof contributes to the good of society and the development of human person.

The headquarters of the Institute of Philosophy “Edith Stein” - International Academy of Philosophy is currently located in Granada, Paseo de la Cartuja, 49.


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