Greetings from the Director


The Institute of Philosophy Edith Stein is an academic community that seeks to foster serious consideration of the deepest questions that animate contemporary human life. It aims to do so without reducing the human experience to any ideological paradigm.

The institute is Christian in orientation and vocation, from this is a dedication to accompany our students in a way that is appealing and effective for their personal and intellectual development.

Expanding the horizon of our experience requires being open to an international outlook. Therefore, the institute has made an agreement with the International Academy of Philosophy to develop a Spanish-English bilingual program and integrate an expert faculty from other countries. The Academy, founded by John Paul II in 1985, is one of the top institutions of its kind in the world specialized in Philosophy. It has contributed to the development of our institute, with the incorporations of teachers such as Josef Seifert or Mátyás Szalay, and we have been appointed as its campus in Spain.

Finally, I want to highlight our understanding of philosophy as animated by a disciplined openness to all disciplines and perspectives that may help in our pursuit of knowledge of the whole. In our institution we are dedicated to attending also to question of theology and the hard sciences, which give us practical and theoretical insights integral to our pursuit of knowledge of the whole of reality.



 Granada, 5th June 2013


Marcelo L. Cambronero

Director of the Institute of Philosophy "Edith Stein"

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